GLEESON CONSTUCTION offers professional DESIGN/ASSIST and DESIGN/BUILD services as a contemporary and highly efficient delivery method of our complete services.

GLEESON CONSTRUCTION DESIGN/ASSIST and DESIGN/BUILD team can significantly reduce the time and cost of a project. By working simultaneously on design, procurement and construction of your project's prime carpentry scopes of work. Our team works collaboratively with the Owner, Architect and Construction Manager to expedite project completion. We focus on details, finishes, specifications and options. We provide constructability reviews, estimates and value engineering. The end result – is that the entire TEAM receives the technical information and expertise they require, in less time, with greater value, and with less risk than traditional delivery methods.

Standard Project Delivery Design Assist/Build Project Delivery

Increased Market Competition

Reduced Project Delivery Schedule
Reduced Project Construction Duration
Prequalified Partners
Integral Team Approach
Specific Trade Knowledge
Limited Changes/Extras
No Claims
Value Engineering
Reduced General Conditions Costs
Guaranteed Max Cost
Best Value and Cost Control
Collaborative Scheduling
Specifications Review and Compliance
Single Source Responsibility
Increased Creativity and Productivity
Professional Collaboration
Expedited Issue Resolution
Optimum Design Efficiency
Earlier Facility Utilization
Reduced Design Costs

Extend Project Schedule
Increased Architectural/Design Costs
Increased Administrative Costs
Less Quality Control
Risk of Changes/Extra Costs
Risk of Claims
Less Qualified Contractors
Increased General Condition Cost

Reduced Market Competition
Design Assist